This information has been compiled from recommendations from other motorhome owners.

Many of us pay to have our motorhomes set up to be self-sufficient so we can stop on a whim and enjoy our great country side.

I have been a Motorhomer for many years and set this site up to provide me and other motorhome owners with information on places that you can stop.

Sites want to charge us for top class facilities that we are able to do without as we already have them on board.

So where can we stop safely without breaking the law or upsetting the local residents.

We always make a rule that we will not stop if there is a sign prohibiting over night sleeping.

All the places on this site do not have such signs as far as the research can establish.

Whilst every effort is made to confirm the correct information no responsibility is accepted by the author for incorrect information displayed on this site.

If you do use any of the places remember to leave nothing to show you have been there, and take away only your rubbish, memories and pictures DON'T OVERSTAY YOUR WELCOME

Parking up for prolonged stays will upset some people and lead to the dreaded signs prohibiting overnight parking

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You are free to use these poi's without charge, under the condition that you don't publish  these files yourself.


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These slides show some of the places you can stop at using this site

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We also now have added a new map with camp sites that are klnown to be under £15 per night.

This is for motorhomers whom prefer camp sites

or are looking to stop to sevice their habitation needs, toilet and water etc.

Please note this map will only have camp sites, no car parks or wild camps will be included.

Affordable £15 Camping